Mary Vigal, Tax Attorney

Mary Vigal, Tax Attorney
The Condado Group, LLC

Ms. Vigal is a tax attorney with the Condado Group LLC, and works as a tax advisor and consultant with other professional firms on a collaboration basis to assist their clients.

She is based in Illahee, Washington, but works with advisors and their clients worldwide.

Ms. Vigal has been licensed to practice law in California since 1978 and was a certified as a Tax Specialist in 1979. She is a former full-time associate professor of law at the Graduate School of Taxation of Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California; and an associate professor in the MS Taxation program at Golden Gate University. Ms. Vigal was a visiting professor in taxation at the Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, California; and a former lecturer at the San Jose State Graduate School of Business in San Jose, California.

Ms. Vigal received her B.A. degree in economics from Colorado College, her J.D. degree from the University of Santa Clara, and her LL.M. degree in taxation from Golden Gate University.

She frequently speaks at domestic and international venues on wealth preservation, tax and estate planning, and has numerous published articles in her areas of expertise.


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The Condado Group LLC is a consulting firm and provides domestic and international tax and business advice.


Ms. Vigal works by private referral only.

The Condado Group, LLC operate with a global mission to timely educate and assist domestic and foreigner taxpayers and their advisors on U.S. tax issues, strategies, planning opportunities, and reporting responsibilities.

We have over 40 years experience in domestic and international tax planning.


Tax laws are changing in 2021 - Stay up to date on what you can do to help your overall income or estate tax result.
Tax treaties, Tax deferred exchanges and sales; Charitable donations.


FinCEN Reissues Real Estate Geographic Targeting Orders for 12 Metropolitan Areas

May 8th 2020 in New Rules

WASHINGTON—The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) today announced the renewal of its Geographic Targeting Orders (GTOs) that require U.S. title insurance companies to identify the natural persons behind shell companies used in all-cash purchases of residential real estate. These renewed GTOs are identical to the November 2019 GTOs. The purchase amount threshold remains $300,000 for each covered metropolitan area.

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Delaware Amendment Permits LLC Divisions

Aug 1st 2018 New Rules

On August 1, 2018, a new Section, 18-217 was added to the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act, permitting a single Delaware LLC to divide into two or more Delaware LLCs. The original dividing LLC can continue to exist or terminate as part of the division.

A statutory division can be useful for several purposes including spinning off or selling a line of business.

Delaware Series LLC

Aug 1st 2018 New Rules

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) allows business owners to achieve limited liability for debts of the business while being taxed on a relatively unrestricted pass-through basis. LLC property and LLC interests themselves usually cannot be directly seized or attached by creditors of debtor members. The creditors are limited to a “charging order” issued by a court requiring the LLC to divert payments from the debtor member to the creditor.

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The Condado Group LLC has solutions for the foreign owner of a U.S. LLC.

If the choice is to file form 5472 and get a tax id from the IRS, Condado can help.

If the choice is to first find out what the tax planning options are available, Condado Group encourages all foreign clients with single member LLCs to get an advisory tax planning letter.

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Mary Vigal frequently speaks at domestic and international venues on wealth preservation, tax and estate planning, and has numerous published articles in her areas of expertise. Examples of previous events can be found below.


If you would like some advice on your personal tax position, we are available to review your situation and answer any questions you may have for $325 US Dollars per hour. Before any consultation can be made you will need to purchase hours. Please use the button below.

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